Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Pain in the knee is a common complaint that can originate in any of the bony structures that comprise the knee joint (the femur, the tibia, or the fibula), in the kneecap (the patella), or in the ligaments and cartilage (the meniscus) of the knee. Knee pain can be brought on by a number of different issues and can be made worse by physical activity. Knee pain can also be influenced by the surrounding muscles and the movements they make (such as a foot injury). It is possible for the location of the knee pain to change depending on which structure in the knee is affected. through an infectious process or an inflammatory one.


Walking becomes difficult as a result of instability in the knee,

Limping due to discomfort,

Because of the damage to the ligaments, it is difficult to walk up or down stairs.

Knees that are locked in place (unable to bend the knee),

Discoloration and swelling,

Inability to fully extend the knee, as well as shifting weight to the knee and foot on the opposite side.