Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is categorised as a pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) (PDDs). These are characterised by limited and repetitive behaviour, as well as difficulties with social interaction and communication. In most cases, parents will first become aware of symptoms between the ages of two and three. Diagnosis can occur as early as 18 months in some cases. Some autism-related delays in development are detectable and treatable at even younger ages. However, some children with autism reach typical developmental milestones at a typical pace and then rapidly regress.


There is no single cause of autism; rather, it is the interaction of genetic and environmental factors that leads to the disorder. Infections like rubella that can spread to the foetus are among the causes for concern.

Symptoms of Autism:

 Poor eye contact

Gestures involving hand flapping or repetition

A constant reiteration of words or sounds

Sensitivity to or dislike of certain stimuli increases

Abnormal sensorial reactions to sights, sounds, tastes, or touches.

Inspecting toys rather than playing with them

Decline in enthusiasm for make-believe activities

Obsessive interests

Not responding to his or her name

Inability to communicate or interact socially

Hyperactivity (very active)

Impulsivity (acting without thinking) (acting without thinking)


Playing alone

Causing self-injury