To define it simply, a muscle cramp is an abrupt and uncontrollable tightening of one or more muscles. Any muscle in your body is susceptible to developing cramps, but your legs and feet are especially at risk. Nearly everyone has suffered from a painful muscle cramp at some point in their lives. Depending on the root cause, muscle cramps can happen during physical activity, at rest, or in the middle of the night. Both skeletal and smooth muscles are susceptible to cramping. Muscle fatigue or an electrolyte deficiency, such as in sodium, potassium, or magnesium, may contribute to skeletal muscle cramps. Menstruation and stomach flu are two common causes of smooth muscle cramps.


Localized discomfort


Firmness of the involved muscle

As a result, the affected limb becomes dysfunctional. Muscle problems in the hands can make even the simplest of tasks like writing (writer's cramp) or picking up objects difficult. It can be difficult to walk when problems with the calf or foot muscles arise.