Constipation is a condition characterised by the inability to pass faeces easily or at regular intervals. Having constipation is a digestive disorder in which a person has hard, indigestible faeces. This typically happens when the colon has taken in too much water from the food that is in it. The colon is able to absorb more water from food if it is allowed to move through the digestive tract more slowly. This causes the poop to dry out and harden. As a result, defecating may cause considerable discomfort.


Stomach ache

Stomach cramps

Feeling bloated and nauseous

Losing appetite

Hard or small stools

Anal fissures and rectal bleeding from hard stools.

Fewer than three bowel movements per week

The sensation that something is blocking your rectum, making bowel movements impossible

It may seem impossible to completely remove the stool from your rectum.