Federation Of Neurotherapy

Federation Of Neurotherapy :

This organization was formed on 21st August 2007. It was formed with purpose to promote and establish alternative therapy in Punjab. To bring the awareness, information and guidance about disability. Increasing awareness about health and also providing Neurotherapy training. Late.Dr.Lajpatrai Mehra ji (Founder of Neurotherapy), Mr.Pawan Malhotra ji (Social worker), Mr.Kashmirilal Khanna ji (Retired Banker) supported to open Neurotherapy centre in Jalandhar.
Federation of Neurotherapy had organized number of health awareness camps. Runs Neurotherapy clinic, Neurotherapy training, parents counseling centre, school for multiple disabled children.
The administration and organization of health care systems, hospital networks, and other health care settings can greatly affect health outcomes, quality of care, and patient satisfaction. Federation of Neurotherapy have examined care co-ordination and integration in administrating health care. It is dedicated to providing quality, affordable health services.
Federation of Neurotherapy was founded with the express purpose of providing people in Jalandhar with the latest, best quality health care resources available. It is a diversified Preventive Health Care provider, focused on improving peoples lives through timely innovations. Our success is driven in providing a wonderful experience to our patients. Our systematic approach is constantly shaped and strengthened by understanding their needs.
The passion behind Federation of Neurotherapy is making India a Healthier and Wiser country, which is to provide quality and affordable healthcare services across India and by increasing awareness, access to preventive healthcare. Our aim is to build the largest network of Neurotherapy and other alternative therapy practitioners who are easily available and far more affordable to the general population.
As a organization and as individuals, we take great pride in contributing to the communities where we live and work.

Aims And Objectives Of Federation Of Neurotherapy :

1. To serve and help mankind by promoting and providing Neurotherapy treatment to the patients.
2. To promote Neurotherapy and all kinds of Alternative therapies to help mankind in achieving better health.
3. To establish hospitals, medical treatment centres and such other institutions for providing treatment to the patients with the help of Neurotherapy and other such alternate therapies.
4. To arrange for Neurotherapy camps at various places in Jalandhar, in all over India and abroad.
5. To arrange lectures, seminars, workshops and other programs for the proper physical, psychological and mental health of society at large.
6. To provide special school, residential hostel to the mentally disabled children and the organization will do all those works who are beneficiary for mentally disabled children.
7. To train / motivate interested people, in India and abroad, to become practitioners of Dr.Lajpatrai Mehra’s Neurotherapy.
8. To help in removing unemployment at certain extent by giving them training and job by opening Neurotherapy centres in all the states in India.
9. To publish a Neurotherapy Journal, where all the Neurotherapist’s can share their knowledge.
10. Provide a supportive network for new practitioners.