How Does It Work

Neurotherapy is drugless holistic treatment founded and developed by Sh. Lajpatrai Mehra respectfully called “Guruji” by using ancient knowledge of ‘Nadi Vigyan’ (knowledge of nervous system), Ayureveda and principles of Anatomy and Physiology He built an Ashram in ‘Suryamal’ where he passed on this knowledge and trained about 10,000 Neurotherapists from all over India by Guru-Shishya Parampra in Ashram, and treated lacs of patients who had incurable diseases from all over the world.   After his death in 2017, Lajpat Rai Mehra Neurotherapy Research and Training Institute (LMNTRTI), has present HQ in SAS Nagar Mohali, Punjab.  Ajay Gandhi is the President of the Organization and Sh. Ram Gopal Parihar is the General Secretary.  The website of the organization is  Neurotherapists who were trained by Guruji are spreading knowledge of this treasure all over the World.

Philosophy and Science behind Neurotherapy: 

In Ayurveda, Vata, Pitta and Kapha are known as the three doshas, or regulating forces of nature. Ayurvedic wisdom holds that equilibrium or balance of these three doshas is extremely important. Neurotherapy, primarily based on “Nadi Mardan Kriya” of “Nadi Vigyan”, an ancient Indian rehabilitative therapy superadded with knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology helps in balancing these 3 doshas and thereby regulates the physiological equilibrium to perform better function of the body mind spirit. This natural healing therapy controls blood circulation by putting pressure on specific points associated with nerves, muscles, joints, blood & lymphatic channels, Endocrine Glands and important body organs like Liver, Spleen, Kidney, Intestine, Lungs etc. The therapist applies weight and does deep tissue massage on different body parts depending on the disease.  The term Neurotherapy (neuro means nadi or nerves; therapy is application), was coined in 1976 which is primarily Blood Circulation Control based Pressure Point Therapy and is  fusion of various therapies.

How Does It Work?

 Neurotherapy is a complete system of healing, incorporating mechanical, psychological, bio-force, and biochemical aspects. It discovers the root cause of the disease and treats the same in an integrated manner. The disorder of the bodily organs causes an imbalance in the biochemical forces leading to the development of diseases. The therapist normalizes working of  organ(s), through pressure or massage on the nerve channels to stimulate or depress the blood, & other body fluids and the nerve currents so as to restoring the balance and harmony of the body thus helping the body regain its equilibrium. The therapy has been found to stimulate glands and the internal organs. Glandular secretion takes place only when there is proper nervous stimulation, in addition to proper blood supply. So it is theorized that this therapy streamlines the working of the nervous system, probably through stimulation of synaptosomes on the skin. Hence since 1976, this therapy came to be called Neurotherapy, to denote a therapy dealing withthe nerves and glands. Neurotherapy improves the root cause and not the effect of the disease

Like Ayurveda, Neurotherapy believes that improper digestion is the root cause of almost all chronic diseases. Since most enzymes and hormones are made from amino acids and cholesterol, Improper digestion and assimilation results in Improper digestion and assimilation of proteins and fats. This, in turn, would result in improper production of hormones and/or other body chemicals. When this goes on for a long time, the body would go into a diseased state. In Neurotherapy, nerves and blood vessels supplying blood to the organs of digestion are stimulated by pressure and Massage therapy which  improves the digestion and this starts the healing  process. Once the digestion system is improved, the harmony between organs is established because of equilibrium of three doshas. Thereafter body itself starts natural healing process.

Diagnostic Principles

 Primary Diagnosis:  

Inspection and Palpation:   From the knowledge of the process of conception, it can be easily understood that the Nabhi or navel is the epi-centre of the body. Disturbance in the relative distance between the navel and the internal organs will show up as pain or hardness in one or more places around the navel, when palpated in a special fashion. This pain indicates disturbance in blood/lymph/ nerve supplies to one or more internal organs, esp. the organs of digestion. As a rule, deficiency in blood/nerve supply to any part manifests itself primarily as a pain in one or more locations in the body, with perhaps a few exceptions. All body organs are programmed to function normally until they do not receive proper blood supply / appropriate nervous signals, as the case may be. Pain around the navel means improper blood supply to the organs of digestion which means their normal functionwill be hampered. This means the end products of digestion would not be made properly.

The second most important diagnostic feature of therapy is to ascertain whether the body is alkaline or acidic.   LMNT divides general symptoms into two main categories– those due to acidosis and those due to alkalosis. Both Acidosis and alkalosis result in different set of diseases and are because of disturbance in the chemical composition of the body fluids / CSF.  The diagnosis of whether the body is alkaline or acidic is ascertained by pressing a particular pressure point on ring finger.  In Acidic body, the tenderness in left ring finger will be felt.

Dr. Mehra located specific points of pain around the navel and the hip. Similarly, there are other pain points in hand and foot to diagnose multiple diseases without any Blood Test.   Backed by study of physiology, Dr. Mehra has correlated combinations of these pain points with different symptoms as basis of diagnosis for different diseases.  Dr. Mehra theorizes that one of the reasons for pains around the navel is a reduction in the quantity of, or obstruction to the flow of, blood and/or lymph, to one or more of the internal viscera in the region. An organ deprived of adequate blood for a prolonged period of time, will naturally lead to a diseased state. A simple but effective technique similar  to palpation, helps to ascertain the region of pain.

Deficiency of blood to any one region(s) must be accompanied by an excess blood flow to some other region(s), since the blood volume cannot physically diminish/increase erratically, except in case of an accident or a hospital procedure. Therefore, any technique which can divert the flow of blood from region(s) of excess flow to region(s) of deficit flow should bring results of some kind or other. So the first step in diagnosis is to palpate and look for hardness/ tenderness / pain in the LMNT pain points.

 The next logical step is to select from a set of pre-determined set of formulas already formulated by the treatment protocol developed by Dr. Mehra, involves application of pressure on pre-determined areas of the body, in a specific sequence and for a specific time period, typically 6 seconds. When this is repeated a certain number of times, it is found to relieve pain in specific areas. It is theorized that application of such pressure diverts the flow of blood and/or lymph to the desired region.

 Since the LMNT technique addresses itself to reducing the pains in and around the navel, it stands to reason that even for the same person, the treatment protocol will necessarily have to change after a few days, depending upon his pain points for that day. This is exactly what makes Neurotherapy so unique. Likewise, the same treatment may be required to be given to different persons with different ailments, but who have the same pain points. A detailed discussion of the formulas and their use is available in Dr.Mehra’s book titled Neurotherapy.  With this knowledge, it is possible to work out different permutations and locations to accurately relieve pains in specific areas around the navel. By doing so, the blood/nerve flow to an organ is restored, which in turn stimulates the organ to normal functioning, without recourse to any medicines. Dr Mehra also designed a 1 year residential course, wherein the student was told about Anatomy, Physiology with Basics of Neurotherapy with practical knowledge of treatment of different diseases explaining the part where pressure to be applied with time and actual manner in which pressure is to be applied.

How Neurotherapy Is Different From Acupressure And Other Forms Of Pressure Therapies:

Though Acupressure is also pressure therapy in which pressure is applied on acupoints, or acupressure points, that lie along 12 meridians, or channels, in your body. It is also believed that these 12 major meridians connect specific organs or networks of organs, organizing a system of communication throughout your body. The meridians begin at fingertips, connect to your brain, and then connect to an organ associated with a certain meridian.  According to this theory, when one of these meridians is blocked or out of balance, illness can occur.

Whereas in Neurotherapy the navel is considered as Epicentre of the body and the pulse should be felt in Nabhi.  If position of the pulse is displaced, it means the equilibrium or balance of 3 doshas is disturbed.  The primary focus of the therapy is to bring the pulse at the nabhi by various pressure points on different parts of the body.  Once the Nabhi is brought at its desired place, thereafter the therapists works on functioning of Individual organs.

How Therapy Is Applied?

Unlike most other body-work therapy, pressure & massage is applied to different part of the body mainly through feet and occasionally through hands. Two chairs are placed one on either side of the patient. The therapist rests his/her weight on chair and applies pressure by standing on the patient’s body with the weight and the pressure being skillfully controlled. However, the pressure applied to the connecting nerve channels is regulated according to the age sex and tolerance of the patient. The other technique used in Neurotherapy, is massage (massage is applied in the similar way of pressure application) which results in the inflow of the blood supply to the organs stretching the tissues, muscles and the nerves.


A detailed discussion of the formulas and their use in various diseases is available in Dr.Mehra’s book titled Neurotherapy Ved.   Some of the common basic diseases, formulae of how the treatment is given and approximate sittings are outlined below:

S.NO Name of Disease Name of the treatment Number of Sitting
1. Cervical Pain 1. (60) TF Gal liv x 3

2. Acid Treatment formula

3. Neck Clockwise

15 sittings
2. Back Pain 1. (60) TF Gal liv x 3

2. Acid Treatment formula

3. Scitica setting

25 sittings
3. Knee Pain 1. (60) TF Gal liv x 3

2. Acid Treatment formula

3. Cap free

90 sittings
4. Fever 1. (1)pt Gal (2) liv

2. (1) Gal (4) liv

3. (3) Gal (7) liv

4. viral treatment formula

After every 2 hours
5. Cold 1. Cold treatment formula

2. (5) medulla x 3

Thrice a day
6. Dry cough 1. Oxygen treatment

2. Acid Treatment formula

7 sittings
7. High BP 1. cnns pan pan Gal liv Gas Gas

Gal liv x2

2.(6) Gas I x2

Twice a day for 90 days
8. Migraine 1. oxygen

2. M haparine

3. (15) medulla x 4

90 sittings
9. Vertigo 1. (15) medulla x 4

2. (4) Pit (4)↑

30 sittings
10. Herpes Zoster 1. (1) Gal (4) liv x 3

2. Viral Treatment Fomula

Twice a day for 7 days
11. Mumps 1. (1) Gal (4) liv x 3

2. Viral Treatment Fomula

Twice a day for 7 days
12. Malaria 1. (1)pt Gal (2) liv

2. (1) Gal (4) liv

3. (3) Gal (7) liv

4. viral treatment formula

Twice a day for 10 days
13. Acne 1. Oxygen Treatment Formula

2. Viral Treatment Formula

90 sittings
14. Spur 1. Acid Treatment Formula

2. (4) Para (7) Liv (8) CH only

(10) ADR   BOF

90 sittings
15. Stomatitis 1. Acid Treatment Formula

2. Inflamtion Treatment

3. Black Treatment

15 sittings
16. Gastritis 1. (1) Pt Liv x 6

2. (1) Gal (4) Liv x 4

Thrice a day for 10 days
17. Leryngitis 1. Inflamation Treatment

2. P. Haparine

30 sittings
18. Sinusitis 1. Cold Treatment Formula

2. (5) Medulla x 3

90 sittings
19. Constipation 1. (4) Gal (4) Liv (4) Rtov (4)

Liv(4) CH only

2. Acid Treatment Formula

30 sittings
20. Dysentery 1. (6) ADR (6) SWT x 2

2. (6) ADR (6) SWT (8) PAN (3)

SPL (3) Gal (5) MU (7) Liv

2 sittings

These are some of the common diseases, where Neurotherapy has excellent results in span of few days.  

Other than this, Neurotherapy has shown wonderful results in Chronic Diseases and specific diseases like anaemia by formation of Haemoglobin (Gal Point Liver), Calcium and D3 Absorption  (125 DCC), Absorption of Vitamins like B12 (Left Parkhoo), Folic acid (Right Parkhoo),  Heparin formation for  non-formation of Clot (Plasmin Heparin), Natural Dopamine formation in Parkinson  (20 Medulla), Injury in any part of body (Injury treatment),   Inflammation (30 Medulla 6 ADR), Diabetes (Acid treatment, 10 PAN), Hypothyroidism (Normal Ajay Normal), Hypoglycemia (4 Pit), Low Blood Pressure (Acid treatment), High Blood pressure (Alkaline Treatment), Rheumatoid arthritis (New star treatment Formula), Wound Healing (8 Th+ Ch, 4 Thyroid),  Spleen Enlargement (1 Gal 4 Liver), Uterus Fibroid (New Gene Treatment), Mental Retardation (Normal Ajay Normal), acute pancreatitis (liv treatment),acidity and heart burn (Acid treatment formula), Increase Platelet (CNNS Gal Liver).  Likewise Neurotherpay has worked on other diseases like Reproductive System Disorders like Infertility, Prolapse, Leucorrhea, Menstruation related issues, Infertility in men, Bed wetting, Angina, Kyphosis, Lordosis.

Published Literature on Neurotherapy:

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Government Projects:

LMNTRTI had taken 2 projects with State Governments.

(i).  Project with Tribal Welfare Department, Maharashtra:

Maharashtra Tribal Welfare Department had given LMNTRTI project of imparting training of Neurotherapy to 25 tribal students for period of 1 year.  LMNTRTI trained 25 students out of which 18  students completed the exam and are self employed. Maharashtra Government facilitated the Organization with Adivasi Seva Sanstha Puraskar. The letter is attached.

(ii).  Project with MP Government:

In MP Government through MP Rural Livelihood Project, 150 tribal students in 8 Adivasi Districts were trained in a period of 2 years  from 2006-2008.  Out of 150 students trained, 113 are self employed.

Course and Curriculum:  The course is 1 year residential course for students who has passed 10+2 (Any stream) with 6 month Internship.  The course curriculum is attached as document.


The website of the organization is

Lajpat Rai Mehra Neurotherapy Research and Training Institute (LMNTRTI),

LMNTRTI has Head Quarter in Mohali and has about 400 Neurotherapists registered with the organization.   LMNTRTI has a Facebook page LMNTIndia.

The Neurotherapists share their experience and results in Therapy through videos before and after the treatment.  There are hundreds of such videos, which are being compiled  and will be uploaded on the portal.

Scope of tie up with AIIMS Jodhpur:

The office bearers of LMNTRTI are having experience of more than 20 years.  The Therapy has miraculous results in various diseases, however the Organisation does have Infrastructure, Capacity, set up and experience of research.  In the past few researches were attempted but it could not reach logical end due to research inexperience of the professionals working in the field. Since the therapy is drug less and no side effects or harmful effects have been seen or report even in a single case, therefore the Organisation wants to collaborate with AIIMS to utilize its research to establish how the therapy works in different diseases as a Pilot project.

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