Is It Possible That By Lmnt Treatment We Can Kill Bacteria Or Viruses If Not Explain How Without Killing Bacteria We Cure Infectious Diseases By Lmnt?

There is no necessity to kill the virus orbacteria by medicines. Our body possesses this power. There are millions of viruses in our environment and newer strains are being constantly discovered; so killing a few of them by medicines is not going to solve the problem.


When a person’s body is invaded by a virus or bacteria, the real problem is not the virus or bacteria; the root cause is the lowering of immunity in the body. All that we require to do is to strengthen the immunity.


This cannot be achieved by medicines. Antibiotics which are given to kill the bacteria, not only kill harmful bacteria but they also attack those helpful bacteria which are necessary for the body; thus lowering the body’s immunity all the more.


For example, if we are asked to shorten a line without erasing any portion of it, then what should we do? Drawing a bigger line beside the original line will make it appear shorter, isn’t it? This is the same logic adopted while formulating treatment for bacterial or viral infection by LMNT.


Strengthening of the body’s immune system can be best done by the body only. Our body has many cells which release powerful chemicals that are capable of destroying the external pathogens e.g. natural killers, gamma globulins, immuno globulins, interleukins etc. Apart from this, the thymus gland, spleen and lymph nodes have special WBC’s called lymphocytes which are responsible for the body’s immunity. In LMNT, we stimulate the appropriate glands so that our body’s immune system is strengthened. So no bacteria or virus can bring harm to the body. The important point is that all this is done without destroying the helpful bacteria of the body. This is how LMNT is successful in curing viral/bacterial diseases.

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