How Does Lmnt Cure Disorders Due To Vitamin Deficiencies Without Giving Any Medicines?

Except for vitamin K B12 and folic acid, no other vitamin is synthesized by the body. So, the deficiency of vitamins can be rectified only by consuming food rich in such vitamins. But mere consumption of food rich in vitamins and nutrients is not enough. What is more important is that food should be digested properly and absorbed by the body. Only when they are properly absorbed can vitamins A, B12, D, K etc can be stored in the liver.


The hormones in our body are produced from three basic raw materials i.e., cholesterol, tyrosine amino acid and proteins. And for these to be properly produced, digestion of food is of utmost importance.


If there is UDF, it means proteins are not being digested properly. In absence of raw materials, some hormones and enzymes may not be produced in the desired quantities. Easily identifiable symptoms of poor digestion are : pain in ‘Gas’ point, or cuts in the tongue etc. Vitamin tablets or hormonal supplements cannot rectify the digestive system. So the body cannot make proper use of these supplements, in the absence of the required hormones and enzymes, even though the person is consuming vitamin tablets.


Rectifying the digestive system is the hallmark of LMNT. This is why LMNT is able to cure diseases due to nutritional or vitamin deficiency, without administering any medicines.

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