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His compassionate outlook and passionate dedication to give relief to the maximum number of patients, makes him train as many…

Dr. Lajpatrai Neurotherapy

Dr. Lajpatrai Mehra, was born in a highly respected family of Amritsar, as the 7th offspring of Sri. Ramgopal Mehra…

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About Neurotherapy

Neurotherapy is Medicine-less Ancient Indian (Swadeshi) therapy, through which we bring changes in peoples Health and life suffering from mental retardation, downs syndrome, dyslexia, hypothyroidism, insomnia, diabetes, hypertension, asthama, back pain, cervical pain, knee pain, digestive problems, reproductive disorders, skin problems, irregular and painful menses, sexual weakness, weight loss, immunity, etc.
    Our objective is to give Neurotherapy Training to interested people, to become practitioners of Dr.Lajpatrai Mehra Neurotherapy.


1. Neurotherapy is Fusion of Ancient and Modern Science.
2. Fast results comparative to other therapies.
3. No side effects as it is Medicine-less therapy.
4. According to modern science some diseases like diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroidism, etc. which are completely dependent on medicines, this type of diseases can be easily and in short time can be controlled and treated with Neurotherapy. Patient don't need to take medicines through out their life.

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"LMNT " Neurotherapy, "Nadi Mardan Kriya" is an ancient Indian rehabilitative therapy based on the vedic principles & philosophy. This natural healing therapy deals with nerves, muscles, joints and blood & lymphatic channels. Authorities in the field believe that the body is co-ordinated by three different humors or energy forces as Vata (air) pitta (bile) and kapha(water).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Neurotherapist improves blood supply to the affected organs by applying pressure at selected point in the body of the diseased person.

Neurotherapist improves blood supply to the affected organs by applying pressure at selected point in the body of the diseased person.

The initial consultation involves taking the total health history of the patient. If necessary, a further series of questions are asked to the patient. A visual analyze is carried out by examining the eyes, color of the tongue, nails, skin, etc.

Once the verbal and visual analyze are completed, further investigation involves abdominal palpation, that’s examining the tender points. Focusing on these tender points the therapist discovers the malfunctioning of any organ(s).

based on these investigations, a final picture is drawn about the patient’s condition in relation to the three biochemical forces; alkaline-acid-gas.

If the any particular organ of the patient has been removed by surgery, in that case the therapy does not give good results.

Dr. Mehra developed the therapy from ancient Indian techniques of massaging. He discovered various massaging techniques to cure chronic diseases by correlating the massaging technique with its affects on body. At this time, our researchers have discovered many points in the body which connected major body glands. So therefore by massaging them in some prescribed way we can eliminate the diseases.

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