1. Application of pressure cannot be done in any random sequence. The general rule for proper peristaltic movement, is: right follows left – i.e., first stimulate the organs on the right side of the navel and then stimulate the organs on the left side of the navel.  A reverse order can cause constipation; and is to be resorted to only when we wish to arrest the peristalsis, eg., as while treating loose motions.
  2. Pains on either side of navel are associated with opposing symptoms. Pains on the left side of the navel are usually accompanied by one or more symptoms of acidosis; while symptoms of alkalosis are accompanied by pains on the right side of the navel. 
  3. Removal of the pains, by appropriately diverting the blood flow, cures most associated symptoms.  As a corollary to the above observation, Dr. Mehra theorizes that both ovaries and both kidneys perform different functions, since pain in these regions are associated with contradictory symptoms.
  4. In some patients, for example in those with high BP, pain is felt above the right hip, in the area just in front of the right kidney; this is often accompanied by whitish watery urine.  In patients with Low BP, pain is felt on the opposite side and is often accompanied by yellow concentrated urine, which may sometimes produce a burning sensation, corroborating our contention that high BP is predominantly a disease of alkalosis, while the latter is a disease of acidosis.
  5. In chronic cases, mixed symptoms and pains may be found. Hence, even for the same disease and/or person, the treatment will be different.  For example a diabetic who normally has constipation will be given a different treatment on the day when he has loose or semi-solid motions, and both treatments will be found to be effective in reducing his blood sugar.
  6. When we stimulate the area of the sternum just above the thymus gland, it is found to increase immunity and is found to benefit patients suffering from infectious disorders.  So it is theorized that this region stimulates the thymus gland; and the treatment bears the name, ‘Thymus’. 
  7. But when we stimulate the area of the back between the sixth and twelfth thoracic vertebra, in a particular fashion, it is found to dramatically reduce inflammatory conditions.  This treatment has been named as ‘adr’ – a diminutive of ‘adrenal’, as we are convinced that this treatment stimulates the adrenal cortex, a conviction which has been consistently supported by observations on several thousands of patients over the past six decades. 
  8. In addition, it has been observed that stimulation of ‘thymus’ in inflammatory conditions, or stimulation of the ‘adrenal’ in infections aggravates the situation, which leads credence to our theory that inflammatory disorders are to be treated differently from infectious diseases.
  9. There are a number of other situations in which treatments on opposite sides of the body produce diametrically opposite results, which can be demonstrated on any normal person repeatedly with identical results. For example pressing on the middle of the right thigh is found to relieve constipation, while a similar pressure on the middle of the left thigh relieves diarrhea or loose motions.
  10. Similarly pressure applied on the left side of the spine in the region of T6 vertebra, in a particular fashion has a dilatory function and is used in treating situations associated with narrowing of arteries or sphincters in the body as for example in esophageal stenosis; while a similar pressure applied on the right side of the spine constricts the arteries and has been used to effectively relieve the swelling in legs caused due to varicosed veins, in a number of patients.  
  11. The treatment can be by any person, irrespective of age, weight, size or sex, with identical results. Hence we feel that it may not be wrong to claim LMNT to be a scientific procedure, because the same results can be duplicated quickly even by new-comers.
  12. The greatest success of LMNT is in bringing a considerable improvement in the quality of life of mentally challenged children. The greatest difficulty faced by parents or guardians of such children is the hassle of daily bringing their wards to our centres, amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. So it is our practice that, in case of children afflicted by mental retardation or associated disorders, wherever possible, the relevant treatments are taught to the guardians of the children, and they give them to their wards at their residences. They come for a review periodically, and are taught new treatments. After a number of weeks, all guardians report that they find a marked improvement in the child’s condition, both in physiological as well as in cognitive functions.

List of ailments treated by LMNT 

Dr. Lajpatrai Mehra’s Neurotherapy has been bringing substantial relief in a variety of diseases such as :  

Acidity & Chest burning sensation; Cold, cough & all fevers including Malaria

Asthma/Bronchitis; Allergy, Psoriasis and other Skin diseases

Auto-immune Disorders including Bamboo spine and Multiple sclerosis; 

AVN; Bedsores, Diabetes; Gall and kidney stones; Paralysis

Cerebral Palsy; Mental retardation, Autism and associated disorders;  

Cervical & Lumbar Spondylosis, Slipped disc; Spondylitis / Spondylolisthesis;

Arthritis, Neck/ Back /joint Pains; Club foot;Parkinson’s, High and Low BP;

Atherosclerosis, IHD, MCI & Hole in the heart; Carpal & Tarsal Tunnel Syndromes;

Constipation, IBS, Crohn’s disease, Piles, Anal Fissures, Prolapse of rectum;  

Fibroids & tumours; Menstrual disorders; Infertility; Hormonal imbalances; 

Injuries and sprains; Kidney disorders; Migraine and other Headaches, 

Motor Neuron Disorders, Muscular Dystrophy, Prolapse of Uterus, 

Sleep Disorders, Side-effect of medicines, Ulcers, Viral infections, 

Pellagra & other Vitamin deficiency disorders etc….

The above list is purely illustrative and by no means exhaustive.  It has been enumerated solely to make the general public aware of the wide potential of this therapy.  To date, there are perhaps at least 750 centres all over the country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Mumbai to Manipur where this therapy is bringing substantial relief to great numbers of patients suffering from all types of ailments. 

We hope this book will motivate readers to kindly pay a visit to the nearest LMNT centre in your region and speak to the patients themselves and satisfy yourself about the veracity of our statements as to the benefits accrued.  We invite all health professionals of diverse disciplines, to join hands with us in taking a small but significant step to relieve the sufferings of our rural brethren who cannot often afford the costs involved in mainstream medical therapy.

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