What Is The Importance Of The Nervous System Of The Intestines In Lmnt?

The Nervous System Of The Intestines Is Called As Enteric Nervous System.


There is no time limit. Cure depends upon the condition, history and complexity of the disease. But changes can be observed in 20-30 sittings.


Importance – Our brain has 100 billion neurons which produce 12 major chemicals by which the various activities of the body are coordinated. There are neurons in the intestines also which produce the same chemicals as produced by the brain. But there only 100 million neurons in the brain, so the chemicals produced in the intestines are much less in quantity.


There is an arrangement of capillaries called Blood brain barrier, which prevents entry of other chemicals or medicines into the brain. In disorders of the brain, the brain does not function normally. Insufficient production of any of the chemicals of the brain, causes disorders of the central nervous system. Then we stimulate the nervous system of the intestines through LMNT and thus set right the diseases of the brain.


For example, in Parkinson’s disease, the brain is unable to produce dopamine. Then we stimulate the intestines, which will produce dopamine in smaller quantity, which gives some relief to the patient. By and by the glands start functioning better; thus the function of the brain also starts improving and thus the patient gets a substantial improvement.


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