In Allopathy Whether It Is Headache Or Any Other Disease Most Patients Are Given Similar Medicines And They Are Expected To Take The Same Medicine For 5 To 7 Days But In Nt Even Though Many Person?

This Statement Is Very True And It Is The Secret For The Success Of LMNT.


In allopathy, the names of the diseases are related to their symptoms. When a group of symptoms appear at the same time and in many patients, then it is given a particular name of a disease. This is so, because when the doctors discuss among themselves, the common name helps them to recollect all the symptoms associated with the disease – so that they can prescribe the appropriate medicine easily.

In Allopathy the relief brought about is mainly symptomatic. The treatment stops after relieving the symptoms, which does not correct the situation. In LMNT, we rectify the functioning of the organs/glands of the body which removes the root cause of the problem. The emphasis is not on eradicating the symptoms alone.
Whatever be the name of the disease, all the diseases are caused due to improper functioning of only a handful of organs/glands of the body. And it is this root cause i.e., – the malfunctioning of one or more of the glands/organs – which manifests in different persons as different symptoms.
Again, the same person may have different symptoms on different days; but closer investigation will reveal that the root cause is one and the same, i.e., malfunctioning of one or more of a handful of organs.

This can be understood by the following example. If food is not digested properly in the stomach, then the patient may get headache on one day, or he may pass gas on another day, or he may have loose motions or vomit or he may experience burning sensation in the chest. Or he may experience several of these symptoms on the same day even.
Going by the nomenclature (name), headache is termed as migraine, passing of gas is called flatulence, loose motions as diarrhea, chest burning sensation as acidityand so on; and for each symptom different medicines will be prescribed. Though the symptoms are different – their root cause is the same i.e., indigestion. Therefore the treatment given in LMNT to treat indigestion, will eradicate all the above symptoms. This is the uniqueness of LMNT. Symptomatically it seems there are 4 different disorders, but by curing one root cause, we not only prevent a relapse of these 4 symptoms, but also prevent the possibility of other associated diseases.

Based on the same logic, we can understand why for the same person with a particular disease, different treatments may be given on different days.
LMNT treatment improves the functioning of the body organs. After each day’s treatment the constitution of the body changes from the previous day. This is the reason why a different treatment based on the pain points of that day may be needed the next day.


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