Federation of Neurotherapy Special Children School :

Federation of Neurotherapy is running a school for special children in the name of “Shri Durgadas Agarwal Special School”. This school is hope for children suffering with autism, mental retardation, down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, neurological disorders, learning disabilities, ADHD, behavioural disorders and multiple disorders. There are about 45 special children in this school. A qualified and trained group of professionals are working in this school to help children. There is a team of special educator, counsellor, Neurotherapist, speech therapist, dance and music teacher, and other teachers for the special kids in this school.
We have developed a comprehensive protocol based on Neurotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, special education, yoga & dance classes, music and games, and basic training, which are being combined under one roof to help these children. Depending on the child’s interest and learning capacity, different teaching patterns are set for all children.
Neurotherapy is very much effective on this children. It improves their blood circulation, increases oxygen level in their body & brain. It is also helpful in maintaining electrolyte and sensory activities in these children. This results in changing and improving special need children mentally, physically and emotionally.

Neurotherapy a Bright Future :

Neurotherapy is a lucrative career option. Working as a Neurotherapist or opening your own Neurotherapy centre anywhere across globe can earn a good Income. Neurotherapy can serve as a career for any job doing individual, housewives, retired person, widows, students, etc. Federation of Neurotherapy is working on removing unemployment from the society at certain extent by giving training and job by opening Neurotherapy centres in all the states in India. Anybody who is atleast 12th passed in any stream can learn Neurotherapy and can serve their family and the society with great respect.


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