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Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Vitamin B17 (Amygdalin)


The use of vitamin B17 is controversial but potentially beneficial in certain ways for human health.

What Is Vitamin B17?

Vitamin B17 is more commonly known as amygdalin, which is a chemical compound found in certain foods, most famously the pits of apricots, as well as applepearplum, and peach seeds. The reason that amygdalin is so well known is that it can partially be broken down into cyanide within the body, which can be potentially toxic, so excessive consumption of amygdalin is not recommended. However, it has also been used widely in traditional and more modern medical practices for the treatment of certain illnesses, including cancer.

However, there is a great deal of controversy surrounding vitamin B17, even regarding its classification as a vitamin. Many people also mistake vitamin B17 for [2] laetrile, which is a synthetic variety of amygdalin that is also believed to have applications in cancer treatment. The main reason why this is considered effective for cancer is the production of hydrogen cyanide. Supporters of vitamin B17 argue that hydrogen cyanide in small doses can seek out cancerous cells while leaving other cells unharmed. This hasn’t been strongly corroborated by evidence, and in fact, has largely been disproved, but people still want to try this supposed miracle cure. Due to the increase in demand for apricot kernels and the elevated risk for cyanide poisoning in those attempting to naturally heal themselves with amygdalin, vitamin B17 was deemed to be illegal in the United States in 1977. More specifically, it was cited that many of the claims were unfounded [1], and the risk of cyanide poisoning was too great. That being said, the debate over these supplements continues to this day, and it continues to be used in some cancer treatment programs in other parts of the world.

Vitamin B17 Benefits

The potential benefits from vitamin B17, when taken in moderation include protection against cancer, a reduction in blood pressure, a boosted immune system, relief from pain, and among others.

Blood Pressure

Some of the active compounds in vitamin B17 (amygdalin) do have other effects in the body, such as the production of thiocyanate, a well-known compound that can suppress the blood pressure. For those [3]people suffering from hypertension, this can be an excellent way to keep your blood pressure in check and lower your risk of atherosclerosisheart attacks, stroke, and coronary heart diseases.


This is the most controversial aspect of this vitamin since it is praised by some and denounced by others as an effective approach to cancer. While many experts say that it has little to no effect, leading to the banning of this substance in the United States, other more natural or holistic practitioners continue [4] to use this vitamin in other parts of the world, claiming that the hydrogen cyanide is able to counter the effects of cancerous cells and neutralize them.

Immune System

There is some evidence that tightly controlled use of this vitamin, particularly when acquired through natural sources, can help to boost your [5] immune system and prevent a variety of infections and ailments.


As a painkiller, this vitamin (amygdalin) has been used in traditional medicine to soothe pain and is also known to lower the pain experienced during cancer and chemotherapy treatment. [6] Again, the dose and efficacy are in questi

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