Coffee and Sugar soap


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Let coffee’s natural antioxidants cleanse your pores and the deep layers of your skin of any lingering dead skin cells and environmental pollutants. Our bodies fight free radicals damage naturally with antioxidants properties which have been discovered in this coffee and sugar soap. In addition, caffeine in the soap can prevent damage from the sun (UV). Benefits of coffee and sugar soap :
1. When caffeine is applied on the skin, it constricts blood vessels on affected area and helps to reduce puffiness and swelling
2. Regenerate skin cells while avoiding oxidation
3. Lifts dead skin cells so that skin gets luminously clean
4. Moisture skin and make it look glowing and healthy
5. It makes skin smooth and bright
6. Skin becomes much healthier in function and appearance
The skin becomes softer and more uniform, with a youthful glow
7. Skin whitening qualities
8. Helps in removing blackheads and whiteheads
9. Effective for lightening scars and pigmentation.


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