Antiageing Soap


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We know that mature skin isn’t just one concern or one isolated issue; it’s the overall effect of specific wrinkle-prone areas around the eyes and mouth, dullness, hyperpigmentation or discoloration, and a general…. falling effect.
It’s all about smart combinations, targeted treatments, prevention, and healing.
Our antiageing soap, keeps your skin healthy and youthful by providing only what is necessary. Moreover, it does not just take care of hydration but also improves skin cell and tissue repair. Benefits of antiageing soap are as follows :
1. Evens skin tones
2. Reduces dark spots
3. Helps restore skin elasticity
4. Keeps skin clear and smooth
5. Anti-wrinkle capacity
6. Reduces large pores
7. Smoothes fine lines
8. Tighten and tone skin
9. Skin tissue regeneration
10. Stimulates cell reproduction
11. Increases skin elasticity


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