Anti-tan soap


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When you are exposed to sun for longer time, its rays could give your skin a lot of problems. At the very least, you end up with an ugly sun tan. Your skin gets damaged in the long run. Get flawless single tone body colour is what most beauty conscious ladies are crazy about. Our anti-tan soap can help you lighten your skin tone by removing the stubborn tan from your skin. Benefits of anti-tan soap are as follows :
1. Polishes your skin
2. Provides glow to your face
3. Reduces dark spots and blemishes from your skin
4. Reduces sun tans
5. Soothes your skin
6. Reduces skin damages made by pollution or excessive sunlight
7. Improves skin complexion
8. Shrinks the pores of your skin
9. Excellent cleanser
10. Hydrates the skin
11. Gives glowing skin
12. Removes pigmentation and the dark spots from skin.


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